We Love Referrals

June 27th, 2017|General|

As you may have heard, Keywee is running a referral program – we’re giving away great prizes to anyone who refers a new client to us. But you may still be wondering: what are those amazing prizes and how exactly can you get one? All you have to do is [...]

Paying for Likes, Text on Images, and other Facebook FAQ

June 8th, 2017|General|

Keywee facilitates a lot of Facebook advertising (think millions of posts), so it doesn’t surprise us that we get a lot of questions about it. In fact, we’ve heard quite a few times that people’s favorite part of our webinars is the live Q&A we host at the end. So [...]

Testing Social Posts to Uncover Best Practices

June 6th, 2017|General|

We all know how important A/B testing is when it comes to distributing content on social media. Experimentation and optimization is the key to making sure that our posts yield the results we’re after: lower cost per click, higher click-through rate, lower cost per acquisition, etc. Keywee has helped content [...]

Who Wrote it Better – How to Write Winning Facebook Posts

June 2nd, 2017|General|

When we post something on Facebook professionally, there’s always this one moment before clicking the “post” button, where we stop and think whether our post is good enough to get us the engagement rate which we’re looking for (and if we made any typos). There are so many stories being [...]