Who We Are

At Keywee, we help the world’s best storytellers — like The New York Times, The BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, and Red Bull — use the latest breakthroughs in machine learning and data science to help their content realize its potential. Our platform offers a new approach to content creation, distribution, and performance measurement by infusing content with data.
Keywee is backed by leading investors such as Google’s Eric Schmidt and The New York Times, and has been a fast-growing, profitable startup since its inception.

Keywee was founded in 2013 and quickly grew to serve hundreds of the world’s top content creators. We are fortunate to work with iconic publishing brands and digital natives like Conde Nast, AOL, Slate, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and New York Magazine. We are headquartered in Manhattan, Tel Aviv, and London.

We’re growing fast, and we’re looking for talented folks to join us at an exciting and challenging time of rapid growth. You will be joining a small team that moves fast, and you’ll own a substantial portion of our work within your respective domain. You’ll have the freedom to plan, experiment, and execute various projects. You will play a significant role in shaping the company’s future, and have the opportunity to learn and grow with us.

Our Values

We recently went through the process of defining our company Values – still work in progress, but we’re excited to share what we have so far.

More importantly than building a product or a service, we are in the process of architecting a company that will hopefully be much more than the sum of its parts.
We are going to make thousands of decisions in the years to come that will define what our company will become. Our values do not make these decisions for us, but they help define our common language for making them. When we decide who to hire, how to help people grow, how to think about our customers and our product – the values are meant to serve as a signpost.

Customers first. We succeed when our customers succeed. Ask yourself  “Will this help our customers?”

True owners. We are not afraid to aspire to be world class. We are resourceful and don’t quit.

Get things done, fast. Start today.

We are growing together. As Keywee grows, I grow — and vice versa.

Teamwork. Trust, respect, help.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Keywee

  1. We’re in the process of moving to our brand new offices in the center of Tel-Aviv, with a balcony as big and green as a (mini) golf course.
  2. We don’t want to brag (well maybe just a little), but The New York Times called Keywee “One of the best ways we’ve found to identify loyal subscribers“.
  3. Keywee works with 20 out of the top 20 magazine publishers in the US.
  4. Keywee dogs make regular appearances at the office.
  5. We doubled in size, and moved to a new office, every year for the past three years.
  6. We like to over-deliver.

Open Positions