Trends in Digital Publishing and Distributed Content

At our recent Distributed Content Event, we partnered with Ceros to host a panel discussion with Sari Ziedler, Editorial Director of Growth at Quartz, and Sarah Harrison, Director of Content at Vice. We dove into the challenges they face day-to-day and how they're adapting to the ever-changing world of publishing. Both Sari and Sarah highlighted [...]

Innovation in Branded Content

All types of partnerships, from personal relationships to business ventures, come with challenges, but in all cases, the key to success is building a strong and stable bond between the two partners. In the world of distributed content, this applies to the many publishers and brands teaming up to create unique and compelling stories. Branded [...]

Do Questions Make Good Facebook Headlines?

The content world is in a frenzy thanks to a recent “News Feed FYI” from Facebook. The team announced that they are further cracking down on “clickbait headlines.” This is a follow up to a 2016 announcement cracking down on pages or domains that consistently posted clickbait headlines — headlines that withhold and exaggerate information. The [...]

Avoid Facebook clickbait and still engage readers? Let the data show you how

Facebook recently announced yet another change to its organic newsfeed algorithm: It will now punish publishers using clickbait posts (as defined by Facebook) on an individual post level, and not just on a page / publisher level as it was previously doing. We turned to Keywee’s Facebook data to check which phrases are most common [...]

Using Publisher Audience Extensions for Branded Content

Publisher Audience Extensions are what makes publishers indispensable in the branded content value chain, as a means of meeting audiences where they are. As a marketing strategy, branded content is used by brands to support their top-of-the-funnel marketing objectives. Increasing brand awareness, consideration, preference, and favorability are all achievable through effective branded content. An example [...]

Getting to Profitable Audience Development

One of the more traditional ways publishers are using Keywee is to do Audience Development. By getting their content in front of the right people, publishers can grow their audience online. While this is valuable in itself, where this gets really interesting is if you can immediately profit off the audience you attract with your [...]

Pros and Content: 5 Quick Questions with iHeart Radio VP, Rachel Herskovitz

Pros and Content is our latest series that will highlight the people and places making great content and take a deeper dive into how they build audiences. We were lucky enough to sit down with Rachel Herskovitz, the Vice President of Content Partnerships in Entertainment Enterprises at iHeartMedia. Rachel assists in leading partner relationships for content [...]

How XO Group Ties The Knot with The Perfect Audience

At Keywee, we don't like to brag — so we love it when our customers do the bragging for us. Check out how John Reggio, VP Revenue Operations at XO Group (publishers of The Knot and The Bump), used Keywee to attract higher quality audience: Audience that spends more time on site, reads multiple articles, [...]