Office & Culture Manager

TLV · Full-time

The opportunity:

Keywee is growing and we’re looking for a talented Office and Culture Manager to join our HR team. The Office and Culture Manager will be responsible for all aspects related to creating the best startup office experience in TLV: from snacks to happy hours & events to travel booking and managing suppliers and much more .This is a full-time position based in our TLV office (flexibility is optional).

Job responsibilities (Or how you might spend your time on a typical day)

  • Chief Fun Times Officer: We like to spend time together, whether in a happy hour, a birthday celebration, a work anniversary or a company event. You’ll take our company events to the next level, plan and run our company activities, and manage our people budget.
  • Recruiting & on-boarding: Keywee is growing fast, and we’re looking to create a world-class recruiting and on-boarding experience for candidates and new Keywees. You will be supporting our recruitment and on-boarding efforts, posting open positions on our social media accounts, scheduling interviews, working with different vendors and rolling out the Keywee-blue carpet for new employees.
  • Office master: You’ll keep our office well-stocked and well-maintained, managing vendor relationships and our office budget. You’ll help design an office environment that’s comfortable, beautiful, and delicious. You will also be managing our monthly hours reports (with Meckano) and our 10bis operations.
  • Travel: You'll be in charge of executing travel & accommodation for Keywees in TLV & NY, to support our global culture.

Qualifications (or what we’re looking for)

  • Operations experience. Perhaps you managed an office in the past, produced events, or did some other kind of operation oriented job. Either way, you’re an expert at planning and executing on time and under budget – and you love it.
  • You like people, and people like you. You're comfortable talking with all different types of people. You like to help.
  • Organization and detail-oriented: You hate the thought of anything slipping through the cracks. Spreadsheets and words such as “thorough” are your comfort zone. Your desk is always organized, and you practice Inbox Zero religiously. You’re ok with making mistakes because that’s how we learn, but you won’t be making the same one twice — thanks to your newly created checklist.
  • Creative, resourceful, and gets things done, fast: You’ve always taken on more than the official job description. You have a way of making things happen even if it seems impossible – like pulling off a home-cooked dinner party for 15 people with 5 different dietary restrictions at a week’s notice – while making it all seem easy.
  • Global communication skills: High level English is required.

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