The Keywee Facebook CPC Tracker: January Update

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about Facebook CPCs. How will algorithm changes affect them? Have they changed drastically in the past? Are other storytellers seeing the same trends I’m seeing? To help answer these, we decided to launch The Keywee Facebook CPC Tracker: a monthly update on Facebook CPCs based on analysis [...]

New: The Keywee Facebook CPC Tracker for Storytellers

Fill out the form below to receive updates on Facebook CPCs and other content distribution insights. Whenever Facebook announces a change to their platform, we hear the same question: "Will Facebook CPCs increase?" Honestly, the short answer is, we don’t know. However, based on Keywee’s analysis of over 500 publishers and one million articles, average [...]

The 2018 Digital Publishing Calendar

We’ve learned a lot from our work with over 400 of the world’s top storytellers (like The New York Times, The BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, and Red Bull). Our partnerships have shown us that in the world of feeds and apps, distribution is the key to effective storytelling. However, the key to effective distribution is [...]

Think you know Facebook + Publishing? Show us & win an iPhoneX

This holiday season, we wanted a reason to spread the holiday cheer. Because we all love a little competition, we put together The Keywee Facebook Publishing Holiday Challenge. What: This 27-question challenge will test your knowledge of digital publishing, Facebook, creative best practices, and digital advertising. You can compete against other industry mavens for cool [...]

The Definitive Guide To Profitable Video

The “pivot to video” is the talk of content creators everywhere, but there’s still one big question on everyone’s mind: monetization. While native video is a unique offering, social media audiences also present a distinct opportunity to build an on-site video business. To discuss how publishers can take advantage of this opportunity, we hosted a [...]

How Publishers Win on Facebook in Q4: Data-driven Insights

It’s no secret that the world of content is changing rapidly. Today, no one uses a homepage to find their news - stories find readers in feeds and apps. And for those of us in the business of storytelling, that means paid distribution is key. But utilizing those feeds and apps can be a challenge, [...]

Career Advice from The NYT and Bloomberg Pros

As part of Keywee's efforts to be a helpful, educational partner for the NYC publishing and digital media community, we were fortunate to host Bryan Davis from The New York Times and Shannon Doubleday from Bloomberg Media for a candid discussion about careers in digital publishing and audience development. We talked about their career paths, [...]

4 Tips for Optimizing Campaign Efficiency

In our time distributing content on Facebook for over 400 of the world’s best content creators, we’ve noticed that we find ourselves giving certain pieces of advice over and over again. While some of our suggestions can be very campaign-specific (creatives, audience targeting, timing, budget, etc.), the following four tips can be applied to any [...]

Keywee Expands to Europe and Asia-Pacific

Keywee expands globally following rapid growth in the US with over 400 content creators using its platform NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) AUGUST 02, 2017 Keywee, the industry leader in distributed content marketing and a Facebook Marketing Partner, today announced its expansion to Europe and Asia-Pacific. This follows Keywee’s rapid growth in the US, with over [...]

Trends in Digital Publishing and Distributed Content

At our recent Distributed Content Event, we partnered with Ceros to host a panel discussion with Sari Ziedler, Editorial Director of Growth at Quartz, and Sarah Harrison, Director of Content at Vice. We dove into the challenges they face day-to-day and how they're adapting to the ever-changing world of publishing. Both Sari and Sarah highlighted [...]