Content Distribution Trends for 2019

One of the most exciting aspects of working with over 400 of the world’s top storytellers is that each day brings new, thought-provoking questions on a variety of topics related to paid content distribution. While these question-and-answer exchanges typically occur through direct communication with our customers, at Keywee, it’s also our goal to share knowledge [...]

Four Ways Wirecutter is Growing Its Affiliate Revenue

While it may not be as common as display advertising or branded content, we’ve seen affiliate monetization increasing in popularity among publishers. The industry is growing, and fast; Forrester predicts it will be worth $6.8 billion by 2020. With the holidays coming up, we’re expecting to see even more growth in the world of affiliate [...]

The Keys to Strong Newsletter Monetization

Publishers used to rely almost exclusively on ad revenues, but in 2018, we’ve seen the industry increasingly leaning toward alternative revenue sources. But one of the most powerful sources of revenue is still underutilized - the newsletter. Publishers generally already have a large and captive email audience. When done correctly, newsletter monetization can be a [...]

The 4 Steps to Building a Content-Based Funnel

In today’s publishing ecosystem, a diverse portfolio of revenue streams is more important than ever. And while many publishers have gotten creative – driving revenue with their own product lines, branded events, or even licensed software – good ol’ reader revenue remains the cornerstone of many publishers’ strategies. Yes, we’re talking about paid subscriptions. When [...]

How Star Tribune Uses Facebook to Drive Paid Subscriptions

As publishers turn to a number of new initiatives to diversify their revenue, reader revenue has taken center stage thanks to its stability, impact, and scalability. Publishers who are able to roll out meaningful paid subscription options see increases in both revenue and reader loyalty, but finding new subscribers is hard. We recently sat down [...]

3 Ways Publishers Are Growing Their Email Subscriber Lists with Facebook

Recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of newsletters; individual publishers have launched dozens of newsletters that get sent to millions of subscribers. There are even companies whose core product is a daily newsletter (think: theSkimm). Newsletters are a little-celebrated but hugely valuable channel for publishers: they provide a direct connection to readers that has no marginal [...]

The Definitive Guide To Profitable Video

The “pivot to video” is the talk of content creators everywhere, but there’s still one big question on everyone’s mind: monetization. While native video is a unique offering, social media audiences also present a distinct opportunity to build an on-site video business. To discuss how publishers can take advantage of this opportunity, we hosted a [...]

Paying for Likes, Text on Images, and other Facebook FAQ

Keywee facilitates a lot of Facebook advertising (think millions of posts), so it doesn’t surprise us that we get a lot of questions about it. In fact, we’ve heard quite a few times that people’s favorite part of our webinars is the live Q&A we host at the end. So this week, we hosted an [...]

How to Drive a Quality Audience to Captivating Content

In the world of distributed content, it's crucial to reach the right people and to keep them as engaged as possible. A million clicks or likes might seem great, but if those come from the wrong people, they may not help your engagement goals. The key is to attract users to your core audience: the [...]

This post is 🔥🔥🔥

Here at 🥝, our expertise is in the world of distributed content. Lately, we've 🔍 (investigated) the Facebook posts that perform best in different verticals from 👗👠 (fashion) to ⛷🏀 (sports) to 🐘🐎(politics). We’ve even looked at how the same phrases perform across different verticals. In case you missed it, we discussed the use of [...]