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The most efficient way to own your audience.

Keywee’s Content-to-Capture ads help storytellers grow their email subscriber lists with valuable users at scale by creating an “email paywall” out of any piece of content. 

How It Works

Keywee analyzes your content and runs a scalable Facebook campaign with multiple stories and ad versions that include a preview of the article.

Users submit their email addresses and are directed to your site to view the entire piece of content.

Email addresses are sent directly to your subscriber list or can be downloaded through Facebook Business Manager.




Lower CPAs

Qualified Users

Seamless User Experience

Drive Onsite Traffic

Why Content-to-Capture?

Low CPA?


On-site Pop-up

Facebook Lead Ads

Content-to-Capture Ads

Drives on-site traffic?

Qualified audiences?

Seamless user experience?

Good subscriber retention?

No tech required to launch?

Success Story

Within a few months of using Content-to-Capture, Kiplinger acquired over 30,000 high value newsletter subscribers at an average CPA of about $1. Given that the publisher earns around $3 per email subscriber, Keywee helped Kiplinger achieve 3X ROI on its email acquisition efforts. 

“We sustain that [subscriber] list and grow that list largely through Facebook now,” Andy Nolen, Kiplinger’s Director of Digital Operations & Advertising, told Digiday. “We find that to be very good ROI.” 

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Keywee makes stories relevant and powerful for over 400 of the world’s best storytellers — like The New York Times, The BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, and Red Bull.

Today, people aren’t coming to websites to search for content — stories find their audiences in feeds and apps. The upshot? Distribution is now the key to effective storytelling. Keywee’s platform unlocks audience insights using AI and data science, and infuses them into every step of the storytelling process: from topic selection, to story creation, to distribution and optimization.

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