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Reader Loyalty

Pay for loyal readers
instead of clicks

Get a high volume of traffic without compromising on user quality. Keywee acquires high-quality readers efficiently by measuring loyalty over time, ensuring that every traffic campaign reaches maximum impact.

Generate more leads with zero additional effort. Our
proprietary “Content-to-Capture” ad format creates a gated
content experience within the Facebook feed — increasing
conversion rates by up to 30% on lead generation campaigns.

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Branded Content

Meet your traffic and video view goals while maintaining profitability

Get exactly the right amount of paid traffic you need to hit your
goals. Keywee predicts the cost of branded content
campaigns in advance and paces paid traffic accordingly.

Increase repeat business by providing your customers with
Keywee’s highly engaged traffic and in-depth insights.

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Paid subscribers

Convert your most loyal
readers into paying

Keywee connects you with your most loyal readers at the
optimal point of engagement. Whether you’re using content
previews, a metered paywall, a premium content tier, or any
other subscription model, we will ensure you find high-quality
subscribers at cost and at scale. Scout’s honor, we’ve done it a
thousands times.

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Maximize the ROI of your
on-site and affiliate

Diversify your revenue stream with the biggest opportunity for
publishers in 2020.

Keywee maximizes profit margins by driving relevant traffic of
“bottom-of-the-funnel” audiences that are most likely to make
a purchase.

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Ad Revenue

Increase your ad revenue while staying policy compliant

Keywee adjusts budgets across hundreds of ad sets and
optimizes Facebook bids on an article level automatically,
driving high-yield traffic at low cost.

We also generate powerful, data-driven creatives at scale and
employ a dedicated Facebook policy team that ensures
compliance and keeps you safe from penalties.

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Leverage Keywee’s historic database

Keywee compares your content to millions of other content pieces to inform ranking, targeting and creative generation


Identify the most effective content for each revenue stream

Keywee uses Natural Language Processing to scan,
analyze and rank your content, determining the pieces
that will perform best for what you’re trying to acheieve.


Find and convert the right
audience at the right moment

Keywee finds and targets audiences that are most likely to
act on your content. Our AI finds obscure, long-tail audiences
that we humans wouldn’t have thought of, by continuously
mapping what interests resonate with what content.


Get engaging, AI-powered
creatives that deliver results

Keywee’s AI generates a consistent flow of data-driven
creatives that deliver performance and nip ad fatigue in the
bud while staying on-brand and ensuring editorial integrity.

Creatives are injected automatically to hundreds of ads sets
with optimized bids for each audience in order to deliver
consistent results at scale with minimal price volatility.

Get analytics and insights you can actually act on

The only purpose-built dashboard designed specifically for publishers

Track events your competitors don’t even know exist

CPC is just the tip of the iceberg. Track and measure
qualitative events such as reader loyalty, ROI, click-outs,
avg session duration and more.

Understand your content and
marketing better

Keywee’s dashboard empowers marketing and editorial teams alike by providing in-depth insights on a campaign, article and creative level.

Review and edit new creatives with real-time AI scoring

Keywee’s AI gives a predictive score to both images and
texts according to their expected performance, allowing
you to make styling adjustments without compromising

Make sense of attribution

Get revenue and profit reports down to the individual
content piece. Analyze multiple attribution windows to
get a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t.

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