Get a demo. Get $150.

Rules and Regulations

With only a handful of weeks left in the year, you’re likely either kicking off your remaining campaigns of Q4, planning ahead for 2020, or both. No matter where you’re at with your content distribution needs, we’d love to show you how Keywee can help you cost-effectively scale your Facebook campaigns, find the best audiences for your content, and ultimately meet (and exceed) your team’s business goals

For these reasons, we’re not only inviting you to see a demo of the Keywee platform, but we’re also sweetening the deal by offering a $150 Amazon gift card for all qualified demo requests through the end of the year.* To be eligible, all you have to do schedule your demo by either using this link or by clicking the big, green button below.

We look forward to sharing why over 400 of the world’s leading storytellers trust Keywee to distribute their content on Facebook. Go ahead and schedule your demo today. 


*Note that rules and restrictions apply. Please see below. 

Terms of the Get a Demo. Get $150. Offer:

  1. You must schedule a demo and attend the demo. The initial demo request must be submitted through the designated demo landing page for this promotion:
  2. This offer is active for new, qualified demo requests up until Dec. 31st, 2019.
  3. Companies that have attended Keywee demos within the past six months of November 14, 2019 are not eligible.
  4. For a demo request to be considered qualified and eligible to receive the $150 Amazon Gift Card, a majority of the following criteria must be met.
    1. The request must come from an individual whose job involves, to some degree, paid content distribution on Facebook
    2. The request comes from a company who publishes content with regular frequency (e.g. newspapers, magazines, digital outlets, brands,  etc. )
    3. The request must come from a company who is either currently running paid Facebook promotions or is open to doing so
    4. The request comes from a company that receives a substantial amount of traffic to its website. At Keywee, we’re generally 
  5. This offer is limited to one gift card per company. At Keywee’s discretion, the company can awardaward gift cards to individuals who are members of separate teams within the same company.
  6. This offer is not valid for demos that were scheduled prior to November 14, 2019 at 5pm EST, the date and time at which this offer became available
  7. Please allow up to 4 weeks from the day you attend the demo to receive the $150 Amazon Gift Card
  8. This offer is not applicable to current Keywee customers or companies in active sales conversations with Keywee. 
  9. These rules and restrictions are subject to change while the offer is still available. We anticipate any future changes will be minor (For example, in order to close up loopholes)


For questions about this promotion, please email