Our Team

Keywee is growing fast, and we’re looking for talented senior full stack developer to come in and help us take our products development to the next level. You will be joining a core team that moves fast and you’ll  own a substantial portion of our backend and frontend code base. You’ll drive engineering research, planning, implementation, and testing activities. You will play a significant role shaping our future and you’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow with the team and the company.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Lead full development lifecycle of web based applications including the definition, software architecture, design, implementation and testing.
  • Be deeply invested and involved with all aspects of running a successful SaaS startup, by intimate engagement with our customers for getting direct feedback and adjust our solution accordingly.
  • Software engineer in our team should have considerable experience with web environment technologies and software programming.
  • Members of our team should be talented, curious, eager to learn, motivated, independent, responsible, constantly seeking to improve and excel.


  • 7+ years of software hands-on programming.
  • 5+ years of web technologies hands-on development.
  • B.S. in Computer Science (cum-laude advantage).
  • Database intimate familiarity and practice.
  • Development in Linux environment.
  • Proven capabilities of building scalable architecture and robust design.


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