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Trained for Performance

Keywee’s AI ensures maximum performance by employing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Models that have been trained on tens of millions of ads and posts. We also analyze your data to calibrate the AI to your unique brand voice.

Validate Impact with a Predictive Performance Score

Keywee’s Predictive Performance Score shows you what’s most likely to work, cutting down testing costs and saving you time and resources.

Generate and Optimize Ad Copy at Scale

Keywee accelerates workflows by generating multiple text variations at scale so you can get more done and move on.

Brainstorm Different Variations and Messages

 Keywee helps you come up with ideas even when your brain is drawing a blank.

Personalize Your Text to Audience Segments

Keywee lets you tailor your message to make sure the right people take notice.


text suggestions

Original Text Suggestions

Generate multiple text variations in a single query. Designed to engage, convert, and stand out from the crowd.


Text Rephrasing

Generate different versions of existing text to find the most effective wording.


Preset Keyword Library

Instruct the AI to mention common promotions, such as new arrivals, free shipping and more.


Predictive Performance Score

Validate the potential of every message with an immediate predictive performance score.


Custom Keywords

Include relevant keywords you want the AI to use in its text suggestions.

Ad Account Integration

Get text optimization suggestions and lift prediction for your existing ads.

Marketers using Keywee see an average increase of 30% in conversion rates

Instant access, no credit card required