Through our work with over 400 of the world’s leading publishers (like The BBC, Red Bull, National Geographic, Forbes, and The New York Times), we’ve found that successful storytelling and distribution often comes down to proper planning.

To help you get a head start on mapping out your 2019 content strategy, we’ve put together a calendar full of US holidays, major entertainment and cultural events, and fascinating industry facts* – all to provide both creative inspiration and a template for your social campaign planning. This way, you’ll know when to celebrate both Earth Day and International Cat Day in 2019.

Download and print the PDF to pencil in your own campaigns or, if you prefer, you can download the calendar as an iCal file, or add it to your own Google Calendar.

Fill out the form below to download the 2019 Publishing Calendar:


* Did you know? In May of 1704, the first newspaper ads appeared in the Boston News-Letter, America’s first newspaper. Two ads offered rewards for stolen or lost items (one of those items was an anvil), and another was for real estate on Long Island, New York.

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At Keywee, we make stories relevant and powerful for the world’s best storytellers — like The New York Times, The BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, and Red Bull.

Today, people aren’t coming to websites to search for content — stories find their audiences in feeds and apps. The upshot? Distribution is now the key for effective storytelling. Keywee’s platform unlocks audience insights using AI and data science, and infuses them into every step of the storytelling process: from topic selection, to story creation, to distribution and optimization. Keywee is backed by leading investors such as Google’s Eric Schmidt and The New York Times, and has been a fast-growing, profitable startup since its inception. To learn more, request a demo here.