In our time distributing content on Facebook for over 400 of the world’s best content creators, we’ve noticed that we find ourselves giving certain pieces of advice over and over again. While some of our suggestions can be very campaign-specific (creatives, audience targeting, timing, budget, etc.), the following four tips can be applied to any Facebook campaign to maximize efficiency.

1. Frontload your testing when prices are low

It’s common knowledge that both prices and media spend drastically increase in Q4. To scale efficiently during the end-of-the-year price surge, you should test new campaign formats, different stories, and different creatives for your evergreen content in Q3, while the prices are lower. That way you know what works best and are able to scale those campaigns efficiently during the most expensive months of the year. This lesson can also be applied during the rest of the year when prices follow a cyclical pattern.

2. Split your mobile and desktop campaigns

Splitting Facebook campaigns into mobile-only and desktop-only can dramatically increase your campaigns’ efficiency. While in today’s mobile-first world, it’s assumed that most traffic is coming from mobile, splitting up your campaigns will allow you to confirm your traffic split and allocate more budget to the better performing device.

3. Scale when your RPM is increasing and CPC is stable

While this one may seem obvious, it’s an important one to remember. If you see increasing RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) on a certain page on your site (read this for measurement techniques), you should scale your distribution campaigns driving traffic to that page. If CPC remains stable, your profit per page view will steadily increase.

4. Maintain ad-to-content balance on the page

Facebook will pause campaigns that don’t follow their guidelines, and a prime example of this is a campaign with a link to a landing page that has too many ads. A healthy ad-to-content ratio will not only prevent Facebook from pausing your campaign, but will also improve the user experience on site and keep your audience coming back.

These four tips will help your campaigns run more efficiently. If you’d like more help optimizing your Facebook spend, feel free to reach out.