Publishers are transitioning from a world in which they own the entire content supply chain – from research to dissemination – to one where the actual touchpoint with the reader happens on a handful of powerful social media platforms. In fact, more than half of Americans now get news from social media according to the American Press Institute, and almost two-thirds of Facebook users report finding, reading, discussing or sharing news on the social platform each week.

Competing for attention with the more than 4.75 billion items shared by Facebook users each day is no easy task. Making matters worse, social platforms are changing their algorithms to tailor content to a user’s specific interests, severely limiting the likelihood that a publisher’s content will be seen. Facebook users, for example, only see about 20 percent of relevant stories.

The belief that good content will always find an audience is fatally flawed. In today’s crowded publishing arena, even really good, quality content needs a paid-advertising boost.

In a recent article published on Adotas, Keywee CEO Yaniv Makover detailed the top three reasons why publishers should be paying for content distribution:

  1. Relying on organic distribution limits reach
  2. Paid distribution can improve the editorial process and audience engagement
  3. Clicks are not dollars

To see the details behind each of the reasons, read the entire article on Adotas.