Who We Are

At Keywee, we make stories relevant and powerful for the world’s best storytellers — like The New York Times, The BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, and Red Bull. Today, people aren’t coming to websites to search for content — stories find their audiences in feeds and apps. The upshot? Distribution is now the key to effective storytelling.

Keywee’s platform unlocks audience insights using AI and data science, and infuses them into every step of the storytelling process: from topic selection, to story creation, to distribution and optimization. Keywee is backed by leading investors such as Google’s Eric Schmidt and The New York Times, and has been a fast-growing, profitable startup since its inception.

Keywee Greenhouse 🌱

Keywee Greenhouse is an intensive, action-packed, you-learn-so-much-you-won’t-recognize-yourself training & certification program for recent college / university graduates. It lasts a year and a half (1.5 years) and is offered at Keywee’s NYC and Tel Aviv offices.

By the end of the 1.5-year program, you will:

    1. Be a certified Customer Success Manager, with deep understanding and significant hands-on experience in content marketing, campaign management, social media marketing, and digital publishing
    2. Be an expert of the Keywee Storytelling platform, used by over 500 publishers and brands worldwide
    3. Own customer relationships with storytellers like The New York Times, The BBC, Red Bull, The New Yorker, Conde Nast, National Geographic, Le Monde, and The Guardian.

Curriculum – or what you’ll be learning

    • The digital publishing landscape
    • Publishing and media monetization: Audience development, branded content, digital subscriptions, advertising
    • Online advertising and campaign management
        • How an ad campaign works
        • How to measure success
        • Ad metrics like CPC, CTR, CPM, ROI, CTZ (we might have made up this one but you gotta admit it looks legit)
        • The advertising ecosystem and prominent players like Facebook, Google, and ad networks
    • Social media marketing
    • Content marketing
    • The Keywee Storytelling platform

Main Job Responsibilities (or how you might spend a typical day)

In a nutshell, you’ll be creating well-written, creative, on-brand, effective campaigns that connect the world’s best storytellers with their audience. Sounds pretty cool… but what exactly does it mean in practice?

    • You’ll be using the Keywee storytelling platform, used by hundreds of content creators worldwide, to create, execute, report on, and optimize content distribution campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo! Gemini and a bunch more coming up.
    • You’ll be constantly learning and participating in various courses, training sessions, and mentoring meetings as you move through the various phases of the Greenhouse program, on your way to become a certified Keywee Greenhouse graduate.
    • You’ll be on customer calls, figuring out their business goals and challenges and working with them on achieving their goals using the Keywee platform.
    • You’ll be working with other teams at Keywee – like Sales, Marketing, Creative, and Product. You’ll provide insights that will influence our product roadmap, you’ll work with the marketing team on crafting customer success stories, and liaise with our sales folks to ensure smooth onboarding of new customers. And Creative? They’ll be all over you with images for your campaigns, witty copy, and lots of cat photos. ?
  • You’ll be spending a good amount of time on our gorgeous rooftop deck (in TLV) or in our sun-drenched Flatiron office (in NYC).


🎓 are a recent college graduate with a GPA you’re happy about

📚  love to read & write and have been told your good at it

🔢 love spreadsheets and number$

🔍 are so detail obsessed the typo on this page made you weep

👯‍♀️ are the person everyone wants on their team

🏃‍♀️ love to work hard, move fast, and juggle multiple projects at once

☀️ are a ray of sunshine & positivity

Meet the Keywees


New York: Email your CV to keywee.csm@applynow.io

Tel Aviv: Email your CV to keywee.amtlv@applynow.io