Content. Interested Audiences. Results.

Keywee analyzes your owned and earned content and automatically promotes
it to qualified audiences on social networks to drive business results.


Why Keywee?


As your marketing strategy starts to include more and more content, let us promote your owned and earned content to qualified audiences on social networks. We’ll generate leads for your products, awareness to your brand, and lower the cost per impression/conversion.


Whether it's getting each piece of your content shown to qualified audiences on social networks, promoting your branded content, driving new users to your site at scale with an unprecedented ROI, or getting insights into your distributed content performance, there are so many ways for you to take advantage of our technology.


If you’re working with content, try us out! Leverage semantic algorithms to get your clients’ content shown to the right audiences, easily monitor a large scale of articles, and enjoy a personalized experience based on your specific content needs.

How it Works?


Natural Language Processing algorithms figure out what your content is about.


Predictive models determine the right audience for your content. Each article deserves a different audience.


Keywee automatically generates your paid posts, targeting only qualified audiences.


Use our dashboard to gain full transparency into your ad spend.

Leverage your content with Keywee. Try Keywee out today.

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