We Love Referrals (and Unicorns)

As you may have heard, Keywee is running a referral program - we're giving away great prizes to anyone who refers a new client to us. But you may still be wondering: what are those amazing prizes and how exactly can you get one? As a grand prize, we're offering a choice between an Amazon [...]

Paying for Likes, Text on Images, and other Facebook FAQ

Keywee facilitates a lot of Facebook advertising (think millions of posts), so it doesn’t surprise us that we get a lot of questions about it. In fact, we’ve heard quite a few times that people’s favorite part of our webinars is the live Q&A we host at the end. So this week, we hosted an [...]

Testing Social Posts to Uncover Best Practices

We all know how important A/B testing is when it comes to distributing content on social media. Experimentation and optimization is the key to making sure that our posts yield the results we’re after: lower cost per click, higher click-through rate, lower cost per acquisition, etc. Keywee has helped content creators distribute over 1 million [...]

Who Wrote it Better – How to Write Winning Facebook Posts

When we post something on Facebook professionally, there’s always this one moment before clicking the “post” button, where we stop and think whether our post is good enough to get us the engagement rate which we’re looking for (and if we made any typos). There are so many stories being posted online and each comes [...]

Do Questions Make Good Facebook Headlines?

The content world is in a frenzy thanks to a recent “News Feed FYI” from Facebook. The team announced that they are further cracking down on “clickbait headlines.” This is a follow up to a 2016 announcement cracking down on pages or domains that consistently posted clickbait headlines — headlines that withhold and exaggerate information. The [...]

How to Drive a Quality Audience to Captivating Content

In the world of distributed content, it's crucial to reach the right people and to keep them as engaged as possible. A million clicks or likes might seem great, but if those come from the wrong people, they may not help your engagement goals. The key is to attract users to your core audience: the [...]

Getting to Profitable Audience Development

One of the more traditional ways publishers are using Keywee is to do Audience Development. By getting their content in front of the right people, publishers can grow their audience online. While this is valuable in itself, where this gets really interesting is if you can immediately profit off the audience you attract with your [...]

How XO Group Ties The Knot with The Perfect Audience

At Keywee, we don't like to brag — so we love it when our customers do the bragging for us. Check out how John Reggio, VP Revenue Operations at XO Group (publishers of The Knot and The Bump), used Keywee to attract higher quality audience: Audience that spends more time on site, reads multiple articles, [...]

This post is 🔥🔥🔥

Here at 🥝, our expertise is in the world of distributed content. Lately, we've 🔍 (investigated) the Facebook posts that perform best in different verticals from 👗👖 (fashion) to ⛷🤺 (sports) to 🐘🐴 (politics). We’ve even looked at how the same phrases perform across different verticals. In case you missed it, we discussed the use [...]

3 things you need to know before advertising on Facebook

The year is 2017 and it’s no secret that Facebook has become one of the most powerful tools for reaching large groups of people. When we want our friends to know what we thought of last night’s game, where “bae and I” are going to dinner tonight, or our opinion regarding the latest news (or [...]