Recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of newsletters; individual publishers have launched dozens of newsletters that get sent to millions of subscribers. There are even companies whose core product is a daily newsletter (think: theSkimm).

Newsletters are a little-celebrated but hugely valuable channel for publishers: they provide a direct connection to readers that has no marginal costs. They’ve been shown to drive really strong engagement, which can be tracked cross-channel thanks to users’ email addresses.

The stats surrounding newsletters sound almost too good to be true. We’ve heard that they drive 20% of monthly traffic, bring in users that are 2X more engaged, make someone 2X more likely to become a paying subscriber, and significantly reduce churn for existing subscribers.

If all of those benefits weren’t enough, newsletters also provide direct monetization options through sponsorships, ads, affiliate links, and branded content. Clearly, there’s huge value for publishers in having a strong email subscriber base.

For these reasons, we’ve seen advanced publishers start to pay to acquire newsletter subscribers. And as with many other publisher initiatives, this one gets a boost from the power of Facebook advertising.

We recently hosted a webinar to dive into the methods publishers are using to find engaged email subscribers on Facebook. For each method, we looked at the pros and cons to help publishers understand which would be best for their business.

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