As publishers turn to a number of new initiatives to diversify their revenue, there has been a huge amount of growth in the world of affiliate monetization. This strategy is extremely popular because it’s low risk to try, non-intrusive, and can even provide additional value to readers when done correctly.

For these reasons (among others), many publishers have implemented affiliate monetization on their sites over the past few years. However, historically, most sites adopted a passive strategy; they added affiliate links to existing content and relied on SEO to drive traffic to any dedicated commerce content. This approach can provide a small amount of additional revenue, but it doesn’t lend itself well to creating a reliable profit generator.

Recently, though, publishers have taken steps to bolster their commerce strategies by dedicating resources to the creation of more commerce content and building robust paid marketing strategies.

In our new eBook, How to Build a Paid Marketing Strategy for Commerce Content, we walk through the process of implementing a winning strategy on paid channels, like Facebook. We help you choose the right content, find (and expand) your audience, build a calendar and budget, test, and, of course, optimize paid campaigns.

The guidelines in this book are relevant to publishers big and small, whether you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing or looking to expand your existing efforts.

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