Whenever we gather with a group of publishing industry professionals, no matter the focus of the conversation, we hear the same question come up over and over again: what news sources do you read to stay up to date with the industry?

Most people have one or two sources they turn to daily, and rely on their networks on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to fill in the rest. As a part of our efforts to connect and educate the publishing community, we wanted to aggregate a list of great resources once and for all.

That’s why, as part of our 2019 Storyteller Survey, we asked respondents to share their favorite industry news sources with us. We received responses from publishing industry leaders from companies like Bloomberg, Dow Jones, HarperCollins, Crain Communications, NerdWallet, Chive Media Group, Oath, and more.

Here are their suggestions, as well as some Keywee favorites:

Industry Sources

Vendor Blogs (with valuable content)


General News Sources


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