We’re excited to announce that Keywee’s content distribution platform now supports native video advertising on Facebook. This much-requested new feature offers all the same benefits that content creators love most about working with Keywee – low CPCs, hyper-specific targeting, audience growth, and more – and extends them to the flourishing world of Facebook native video.

How it works

The process of promoting native Facebook video with Keywee is a lot like distributing text-based content through our platform, and it’s just as easy. Typically, our software analyzes the article that’s being promoted and picks out keywords that are then used to identify the best Facebook audiences for the content. In the case of native video, though, Keywee “reads” an article related to the video and uses this information, along with meta-data pulled from the video itself, to determine the right audiences for the video. Our software then generates variations of paid Facebook posts, promotes them to these audiences, and optimizes the campaign for specific business goals.

See it in action

Below are a few posts that have been promoted using our new native Facebook video feature. While the high engagement is evident, given the large number of views, what’s not so obvious is the amount of money we’ve been able to save for our clients. Recently, one of the leading publishers that we work with was able to achieve a Cost per video View that was 76% less than the target CPV.

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About Keywee

Keywee enables the creation, distribution and measurement of content that drives business results for publishers, retailers and brands. Hundreds of iconic brands and digital natives like The New York Times, The BBC, AOL, and Forbes use Keywee’s revolutionary platform to find the audiences most likely to meet specific goals for their content.

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