Mobile devices seem to be taking over the world and that is the case when it comes to the content consumption behavior of users. Smartphones and tablets are driving more traffic every year, primarily due to the rapid adoption of mobile apps. According to a comScore report, the majority of digital consumption now takes place within mobile apps. So, what does this mean to content marketers and how can they capitalize on this shift?

In a recent article published on Adotas, Keywee CEO Yaniv Makover detailed five steps that marketers should follow to quickly take advantage of the growing mobile opportunity:

  1. Use calls-to-action to own — not rent — an audience
  2. Don’t simply focus on shareable content
  3. Create content that supports the mobile consumption experience
  4. Develop a mobile-first culture
  5. Prepare to spend

To see the details of Yaniv’s five steps, you can read the entire article on Adotas.