Keywee facilitates a lot of Facebook advertising (think millions of posts), so it doesn’t surprise us that we get a lot of questions about it. In fact, we’ve heard quite a few times that people’s favorite part of our webinars is the live Q&A we host at the end. So this week, we hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Webinar. That’s right – a webinar that was entirely questions. You can watch the recording of the full webinar below, and here are a few of the most popular questions about distributing content on Facebook.

Do you see any value in paying for Page Likes?

Generally, we’ve been hesitant to recommend using Page Like campaigns. However, for those who are just starting out, you do want to have a critical mass of Page Likes, and a Page Like campaign can be a great way to accumulate those. Facebook looks at your Likes when prioritizing your distribution (both organic and paid), but any Likes above ten thousand generate only marginal gains to Post efficiency. At that point, your resources are better spent elsewhere.

What is the rule of thumb with text on images? Is it the same for organic content as well?

For paid posts, the Facebook algorithm will automatically reduce the performance of any post with an image that is more than 20% text. However, we’ve actually seen no indication that images with text were ever performing well, even before the latest Facebook algorithm update. So while the same rule doesn’t apply to organic posts, we don’t suggest using text-heavy images.

What kinds of topics maximize traffic to my site?

Generally, the topics that drive the most traffic to your site are the ones that appeal to the most people. So topics with mass appeal like pop culture, current events, and breaking news are usually good bets. The problem is that these topics often revolve around timely content. Timely content is short-lived so it can be hard to invest a lot in any one piece. The real winner here would be evergreen content, which can live for a while and continue to drive traffic to your site. An example might be “Top 100 Rock Musicians of All Time.” It has broad appeal, but can also stay relevant for months or even years to come.

It’s also important to take a step back and think about why you’re driving traffic. If you want to bring in a qualified audience, sometimes a niche piece of content can perform much better for your business goals.

These were just a few of the questions we went over in our webinar. To watch the full webinar, just fill out the form below.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about distributing content on Facebook.