Pros and Content is our latest series that will highlight the people and places making great content and take a deeper dive into how they build audiences.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Rachel Herskovitz, the Vice President of Content Partnerships in Entertainment Enterprises at iHeartMedia.

Rachel assists in leading partner relationships for content licensors. She is responsible for ensuring that all Entertainment Enterprises initiatives are effectively marketed and promoted across iHeartMedia’s owned and operated assets. Additionally, she works closely with iHeartMedia’s sales team to create unique sponsor integrations for televised broadcasts and on-air integrations for the iHeartRadio Music Awards

Prior to joining iHeartMedia in 2016, she was part of the Global Advertising and Brand Management team at American Express.

iHeart has been working with Keywee since 2016


1) Tell us about your role at iHeart Media and how distributed content fits in. 

While iHeartMedia is known for our radio stations and personalities, my team’s job is to expand the reach of the iHeartMedia brand through content licensing and distribution. Our iHeartRadio Music Awards and the Jingle Ball Tour have enabled us to reach new consumers through distribution on Turner, The CW, and more.

Our team focuses on finding the right partner for both our existing content and the creation of original content. Partnering with iHeart provides tremendous value through the megaphone of our media support, the efficiency of our production, and our unparalleled access to artists and talent.

2) What makes some pieces of content more engaging than others? 

Right now, there is no such thing as too much content. If your content is not engaging, or not driving the ratings you need, then two things need to happen: listen to your data (are you talking to the right audience in the right way? What tweaks can be made?) and check that the content is on the right distribution platform. (Thanks, Keywee!) We’ve seen series that were moved from network TV due to poor ratings to an OTT (Over The Top) platform where it becomes a darling. There is really an audience for {almost} anything.

3) What goes into the production of great content?

Insights, talent, and an understanding of where it will be distributed.

The first is gaining an understanding of what the audience wants, craves, and responds to. The second is a functional expertise in production. You cannot wake up one day, walk onto a set, and produce something – you need talent to make the production army work. And the third is managing the expectations of the consumer — Do you need a vertical video? Do you need this to be in 4K? Is the audience expecting on-demand clips? Depending on whether you are on Snapchat or The CW, your audience will demand something different.

4) You previously worked at American Express. Tell us more about how brands can use content effectively.

Today’s brands need to connect with consumers through emotion, and content does that effectively.

While I was at American Express running our OTT channel called AMEX NOW, we saw that we were competing with all the (many, many) content providers. We realized that we needed engaging content to cut through the clutter and bring in a new audience. We partnered with VICE to create a 5 part series that focused on millennials who were pursuing their passions in dance, comedy, tattooing, surfing, art – and paired them with legends in their industry. We also produced the award-winning documentary, Spent. Through the content, its unique point of view, and our distribution – we were able to bring new eyes to our network.

5) If you could sing with any artist on stage, who would it be? 

Beyonce :). She smells like heaven. Seriously.

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