Branded Content Basic Characteristics

Branded Content Definition - What is it, and how are others doing it? What is branded content? We define branded content as a form of content marketing that assists brands in using paid media (note - it doesn’t have to include paid distribution) to use a storyteller’s expertise and to harness the trust, credibility, and [...]

Branded Content: What Marketers Need to Know

Although the publishing industry’s digital transformation introduced a host of benefits to readers and media organizations alike, there’s no denying that it arrived with its own unique set of challenges. From declining display revenue to the mass adoption of ad blockers, today’s storytellers face a range of unfamiliar obstacles. The current climate has led publishers [...]

5 Branded Content Collabs from ’19 and What They Teach Us

As publishers look to diversify their revenue streams, branded content has become more of a mainstay. Helping brands increase their reach through great content seems to be a win-win for all sides, which means branded content is becoming more ubiquitous by the day.  To give you some inspiration for 2020, we scoured Facebook for examples [...]

Storytellers – Gear Patrol’s Branded Content Trifecta

The Storytellers, our series featuring candid interviews with leaders from the publishing world, is part of our efforts to showcase successful thought-leaders and share their insights with the rest of the storytelling community. In this installment of the series, we got the chance to sit and talk about branded content with Monica Hare, Head of [...]

Trends in Branded Content with National Geographic

(Image: National Geographic) Given the ever-changing state of marketing, it’s never been more important for brands to have their ears to the ground when it comes to the latest industry trends. That’s why on a brisk afternoon in late October, marketing leaders from a collection of the world’s top brands gathered in NYC’s Columbus Circle [...]